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Ludwig is an: ISTJ.
This means:

:bulletblack: He is quiet and reserved.
:bulletred: He prefers security and peaceful living over a vigorous lifestyle.
:bulletyellow: When he starts something, he finishes it.
:bulletblack: He is loyal, faithful, and dependable.
:bulletred: You can count on him doing whatever is best for the community.
:bulletyellow: Although usually serious, he has an offbeat sense of humor when he does relax.
:bulletblack: He believes in law and tradition and expects others to as well.
:bulletred: He usually insists on doing things by the book.
:bulletyellow: When asked to do something for somebody, he has a hard time saying "no" [or "nein" in this case].
:bulletblack: He prefers to work alone, but can work with a group if need be [like his allies in the Axis]
:bulletred: He prefers being accountable for his actions and enjoys being authorative.
:bulletyellow: Facts > Opinions.
:bulletblack: He's not good at realizing his own feelings or others, so you may have to shove more emotional things right in his face - figuratively speaking.
:bulletred: He's a perfectionist and needs everything be just right. If it isn't right, he blames himself.
:bulletyellow: Uncomfortable with public displays of affection and expressing emotions, he usually keeps a tight poker face on.
:bulletblack: However, his sense of duty can sometimes lead him to be as supporting and caring as people come.
:bulletred: He will put tremendous amounts of effort into his home life and family.
:bulletyellow: He may not show it much, but he really does care a lot about those close to him.
:bulletblack: In his home, everything needs to be in a place that makes sense but looks nice at the same time.
:bulletred: He has a need to be in a space that has structure, order, and beauty all at once.
:bulletyellow: When stressed, he may go into a state where he believes that everything is going wrong and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
:bulletblack: He will begin to become depressed and blame it all on himself, ruining himself in the process.

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Federal Republic Of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

:icongroupthing1plz::icongroupthing1-2plz::icongroupthing1-3:Germany Stamp by phantom:icongroupthing2plz::icongroupthing2-2plz::icongroupthing2-3plz:

WELCOME! Please choose your continent:
:bulletblack:North America
:bulletblack:South America

You have chosen: Europe. Is that correct?

:bulletred: Ja
:bulletblack: Nein

Please spell out your country, then hit enter!
B U N D E S R E P U B L I K _ D E U T S C H L A N D

You've selected: GERMANY
Please select your player!


You have chosen:

L U D W I G _ B E I L S C H M I D T

"Germany is a tall, muscular man, with blond hair and blue eyes, in which he resembles strongly to his facial features to Germania. He wears either a green Wehrmacht, or a Waffen-SS officers uniform with a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on the collar. In early webcomic chapters, that take place during WWI, he wore a gray-blue Waffenrock uniform (as seen in colored artwork) characteristic of the German army uniform of that period (the color of this uniform was changed to green for the anime). However, the black cuffs and white piping may also suggest Germany wears a Schutzpolizei administration uniform.

He is a tough, too-serious, and efficient man who always abides by the rules and is "weak to" them. He often has difficulty leaving his commanding, serious mode and relaxing, even for the sake of another. Germany has to deal with an unreasonable boss along with the troublemaking Italy. He does not tolerate any mistakes, is a neat freak, and happens to have a rather pessimistic nature. Volume 3 also revealed that he has a sincere personality. In Episode 32, he reveals to Ancient Rome that he has a lack of experience when it came at relationships, and tells Austria a similar story in the "Buon San Valentino" strips. His hobbies include making sweets (including his secret love of baking cakes), reading, and walking his dogs. In Episode 08, Italy admits to England, America and France that Germany is a fan of BDSM. It was said, in an earlier profile, that his pent up anger is released when he has beer. In Episode 79, we get to see that his usual drinking buddy is his elder brother Prussia.

According to Prussia, he's strong enough to stop him (and presumably Germany, as well) from being afraid of Russia. He seems to have inherited his brothers' stubborn traits, as well and is somewhat aware of this, as he remarks that his telling someone else to avoid doing things to make those around them worry is the pot calling the kettle black, as he does such things all of the time.

France said, in his first Bloodbath, that Germany enjoys running around naked almost as much as Italy. According to Germany's diary he also enjoys the maid cafes at Japan's house, for the uniforms the girls there wear.

Character notes reveal that Germany is awkward when talking to women, though acts as a father figure to younger nations (those who look like they're in grade school and younger) and thus can speak with the younger girls such as Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Wy without trouble. He can also speak with women with less trouble if it's about work. [Source]"

Event status: NONE [--/--]

. : I N F O R M A T I O N E N : .

  1. Country: Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Federal Republic of Germany]
  2. Name: Ludwig
  3. Age: 2o in appearance
  4. Gender: Männlich
  5. Height: 18o cm [5'11"]
  6. Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes
  7. Population: 81,726,ooo
  8. Official language: German
  9. Capital: Berlin
  10. Formation details:
    • Holy Roman Empire - 2 February 962

    • Unification - 18 January 1871

    • Federal Republic - 23 May 1949

    • Reunification - 3 October 199o
  11. Currency: Euro, Swiss franc
  12. States: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswif-Holestein, & Thuringia

. : W I C H T I G E : H I S T O R I C H E : E R E I G N I S S E : .

962 -- Holy Roman Empire formed
1517 -- Reformation
1618 - 1648 -- Thirty Years' War
174o - 1763 -- Silesian Wars
18o3 - 1815 -- Napoleonic Wars
1813 -- Battle of Nations
1815 -- Congress of Vienna - Founding of German Confederation
1848 -- Failed revolution
1866 -- Austro-Prussian War [Dissolution of German Confederation and North German Confederation established under Prussian rule]
187o - 1871 -- Franco-Prussian War [Unification of all German states but Austria]
1914 - 1918 -- World War I
1918 - 1919 -- Revolution [Kaiser abdicates, Weimar Republic being established]
1919 -- Treaty of Versailles
1933 -- Hitler becomes Chancellor
1934 -- Hitler becomes President
1938 -- Anschluss [Austria integrated into "Greater German Empire"]
1939 -- Invasion of Poland & beginning of World War II
1945 -- German Defeat [Germany and Berlin split into 4 zones, controlled by US, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Austria turns into several state again]
1949 -- Federal Republic of Germany [West Germany] and German Democratic Republic [East Germany] are established.
1949-199o -- Cold War [Inner German border becomes frontline between western world and communist world]
1953 -- Uprising in East Germany
1957 -- Treaties of Rome [Beginning of the European Union or EU]
1961 -- Construction of the Berlin Wall
1989 -- Fall of the Berlin Wall
1990 -- Reunification of Germany

. : A D M I N ' S : : N O T E S : .

--I do not speak fluent German, but I do speak a bit. Native language is American English, so I apologize in advance if my slang and the likes accidentally show.
--I prefer to remain historically accurate for the most part.
--I try to be on this account more than others and keep it updated, but I'm a high school senior with a job so I may not have much time, especially with extracurricular activities and class events. My apologies in advance if I'm slow at replying.
--I don't really care about ships. Like, I don't have a list of what I will and won't do.
--Yes, there were Nazis in Germany. Yes, there still are. No, that doesn't make every German a Nazi. It is offensive to many and causes many conflicts. And yes, history is history, and in the right situations it is appropriate to bring up Nazis, but don't assume that Germany is now like that. It's similar to assuming that every Muslim is a terrorist. Thank you.
--Axis Powers Hetalia [APH] and Ludwig/Germany © Himaruya Hidekaz

Ludwig frowned before taking another sip of his coffee, the cup chock full of sugar and cream to satisfy his sweet tooth. He set it back down on the small table, next to the slice of cake he'd ordered to go along with it. This cafe had a good reputation for being peaceful and having a delicious menu, so he had decided that it'd be a swell place to wind down a bit.
Several days prior, Japan convinced Germany that he needed a vacation. He was even more stressed out than usual as of late and needed some time off. After Ludwig submitted a thoroughly written request, his boss gave him permission to go on a much-needed week long trip.
He was now two days into said trip and was already itching to get back to doing something productive. He stared deeply into his mug as all the things he needed to do raced through his mind.

((I've never done an RP starter thing before so
I apologize if it's bad.


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